At Provide Support, we respect your need for online privacy and protect any personal information that you may share with us when using Provide Support Services, in an appropriate manner. Our Privacy Policy is designed to explain how we collect, store, use, disclose, process, and transfer this personal information. For the purposes of this Policy, the term "Services" shall refer collectively to applications provided by Provide Support, website//www.drea567.com/,本地化域,继承网址和所有子域。

If you are visiting a third-party website or service that uses Provide Support chat widget and communicate with this third party while being on messenger.providesupport.com subdomain, Provide Support will temporary collect and process personal data on behalf of this third party, with subsequent forwarding of the data to the third party. In this case Provide Support acts as a mere conduit for data transmitted between third parties, without determining the purposes and means of processing such data. We encourage you to review privacy policies of each specific third party prior to providing your personal information to them through Provide Support chat widget. We are not responsible for and do not control the privacy practices of any of our customers. In this Privacy Policy we list the types of data that may be collected while you are using a third-party website that is using Provide Support Services.

Types of Data We Collect

帐户注册数据- 您在注册或自定义帐户时提供的自己和同事的名称和电子邮件地址,以及您的公司名称,地址,电话号码和其他联系方式。

付款详情- 如果您在其他中选择此付款选项,则信用卡/借记卡信息。

与我们沟通的历史- 聊天成绩单,电子邮件,电话。

自动技术数据- IP,位置,您的浏览器/操作系统/设备详细信息,页面已查看,项目点击,在我们服务的任何部分都花了时间。

信息从第三方平台(提供苏pport Blog only)- 从社交媒体网站收集的公共配置文件信息,与我们的内容在这些网站上的任何互动,例如“喜欢”,视图和共享。

在我们的博客上共享的信息- 您的姓名和电子邮件所需的博客帖子或订阅我们的博客,以及您在提交评论时明确地公开的任何其他信息。

Other datathat are necessary for the operation of the Services and are not specifically listed there. Any collection and usage of such information is done in accordance to this Privacy Policy and The Privacy Shield Principles.


If you are visiting a third-party website that is using Provide Support Services, Provide Support will temporarily store and process automatic technical data, such as IP, location, browser/OS/device details, pages viewed, time spent on the third-party website and any other details the third party had collected before and decided to pass to Provide Support. This data will be stored by Provide Support only while you are staying on the third-party website and will be automatically destroyed when you leave.


If you send an offline message on a third-party website through Provide Support widget, all the technical data along with the contents of the message will be stored by Provide Support for a very short period of time and solely for the purpose of dispatching these data to the receiving third party. After that all the data will be removed from Provide Support system.



One type of cookie files created by our system is a performance cookie. It is a temporary file that is created when a visitor enters our website or any part of our Services and is removed once the visitor leaves it. The cookie is used to track the visitor navigation through the site and handle a chat session if needed.




Data Usage


  • 要操作,维护,并为您提供服务的功能
  • to provide customer support to you
  • 发送更新和营销通信(新闻通讯),您将通过遵循电子邮件中的指示来选择选择退出
  • 用于计费,识别和认证,以及欺诈预防
  • 处理付款和退款
  • aggregated anonymous and pseudonymous data are used for analytics and marketing research




  • 向提供服务的公司,以帮助我们与我们的业务活动,例如我们的付款处理器。这些公司受到隐私限制的约束,至少作为本隐私政策中规定的限制,并授权使用您的个人信息作为为我们提供服务的必要性。
  • 应对子公司,法院命令或法律程序,以防止欺诈或迫在眉睫的伤害,或建立或行使我们的合法权利或防御法律索赔;或者根据公共当局的合法要求,包括满足国家安全或执法要求。



Links to Third Party Websites



Upon request, we will provide you with information about whether we hold any of your personal data. Users who wish to correct, update or remove any personal details including those from a testimonial or a case study throughout our Services may do so either by accessing their user account or by contacting us at。


您可以选择从我们的美国接收通信,从我们的数据库中删除您的信息,并选择通过在从我们收到的电子邮件中或通过联系我们的电子邮件中的“取消订阅”选项,不要从提供支持中获得未来通信狗万网址。However, for as long as you are subscribed to our paid service, you will still be receiving billing-related messages and password recovery emails from us.

International Data Transfer



Data privacy and security is the highest priority for Provide Support. We take all reasonable and appropriate measures to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Our servers are located in the top quality US data centers with 24/7/365 multiple-layer security access, infrastructure and perimeter monitoring. We offer a secure connection option in our system. We use the latest TLS protocol with industry-strength AES-256 encryption. If the confidentiality of your chat sessions is important, this feature should be used. If you decide not to use the secure connection, your conversations may be unlawfully intercepted by third parties during transmission over the Internet.